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Airport Transfers

Click HERE for a tutorial on making an airport reservation

Car Seats

Kid Car car seats are NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions.

Each convertible car seat is designed to seat rear-facing children from 5-45lbs, forward-facing children from 20-80lbs in a 5-point harness, and children up to 120lbs in a booster seat.

We train drivers in the proper installation of a variety of infant car seat using the American installation method. That said, there are too many seats on the market to make the drivers proficient in every make/model. Please do not be disappointed if the driver (or you) does not feel that the seat is properly installed. Simply ask the driver to install a Kid Car-provided car seat, which is crash-tested for children >5lbs.

You are responsible for any cleaning fees related to your child. If your child is prone to car sickness, please let your driver know and they will do their best to provide an even smoother ride.


Kid Car drivers are the best on the road:

They are fully vetted (fingerprinted, complete criminal background check).  We also check the driver’s Motor Vehicle Report to ensure they are a safe driver.

We spend hours training drivers on the proper installation of car seats and require that they can properly install your child’s seat in <5 minutes.

Finally, we are constantly receiving feedback from our customers and share that feedback with the driver so that they can improve their performance (so please share your feedback).

We have spent a lot of time and money finding, training, and vetting your Kid Car driver so please don’t try to cut some sort of side deal with them. We will find out and we will charge you for the offending rides. Besides, nobody likes a cheater.


The more notice you provide, the more likely you are to get a car at the time you need it.  If you have a doctor’s appointment, play tickets, an airline reservation, go ahead and schedule your ride now.  You will be notified 12-24 hours before the scheduled pickup that a driver has accepted your request.

No.  Please cancel and remake it.  Please see Cancellation Fees below for more information.

If you need a car every Wednesday at 12pm for a class, please make the reservations in our app (each reservation takes <30 seconds).

If there is more than 1 family using the service on a regular basis, please refer to Kid CarPool.

If you need a reservation for more than 3 times per week for more than 1 month, let us know and we will make them for you.

We do not charge waiting time for airport arrivals.

For non-airport arrivals, there is no charge for the first 15 minutes.  After that, the waiting time charge is the vehicle’s per minute rate (Sedans: $0.45/ minute; Minivans: $0.65/ minute; SUVs: $0.85/ minute).

Cancellation Policy

On demand rides may be cancelled within 5 minutes of making your initial request without penalty. After 5 minutes, the cancellation charge is equal to the vehicle’s Minimum Minute rate.

Advance reservations must be cancelled using the app at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled pickup time if you are travelling between 8am and 11pm, at least 10 hours prior to rides scheduled before 8am, or 1 hour prior to your plane’s scheduled takeoff time if you are flying into NYC.

Food & Pets

Many of our passengers have severe food and dander allergies and an emergency detour to a hospital because of an allergic reaction is not fair to anyone. No food or drink of any kind (except water) is allowed in our vehicles and only animals in travel crates or bags may ride. NO EXCEPTIONS. Seriously. None.


Click HERE for how to make a newborn reservation.

Kid CarPool

Please register HERE.

We recommend 3 or more families in a vehicle, but we will be happy to work with fewer families.

We’ll provide you with a firm quote once you let us know who is riding and the number of school days in the calendar.

We suggest asking your child’s school for the names of other families to add to your carpool.  Having that information will make it easier to help you.

Your driver will be consistent so finding them should not be a problem.  If your regular driver is unavailable one day, you can share the driver’s name and license plate with your child’s school or program.

NYPD frowns on unaccompanied vehicles. If you have a special arrangement at a school, explain it to the driver so that they avoid getting a ticket. If the driver gets a ticket despite this ‘special’ arrangement, expect to see the ticket in your next bill.


Price estimates can be found on our website.

Airport transfers are a fixed rate except for tolls ($6-$19 depending on the airport and method of travel)


Airport Transfers:

Also see airport app tutorial
Please note that IF YOU RESERVE A SEDAN AND IT IS CLEAR YOUR LUGGAGE WILL NOT FIT, you will retroactively be charged for a minivan (the next cheapest option).

Around Town:

Sedans: Up to 4 passengers with two forward-facing car seats or 3 passengers with 1 rear-facing car seat.
Minivans: Up to 5 passengers with two car seats
SUVs: Up to 6 passengers with three car seats

Kid Car vehicles pass a DMV inspection every 4 months, meaning that they are always in good working order. You can make a note of the vehicle’s cleanliness when you rate the driver.

Something Else?

Really? Click HERE to email us your question (we’ll respond in <2 business days.)

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