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Local Transportation
Since 2006

Keep the Car

The convenience of a fully trained and vetted driver at your service for 2+ hours.

Point to Point

Properly secure your child for travel around town or to an appointment.


Bring your baby home from the hospital in a properly installed car seat.

Kid CarPool

Share the ride (and the cost) with other families.
The Safest
Fingerprinted, vetted,
trained, and NICE
The Appropriate
Go ahead, bring the doublewide
stroller to the doctor’s appointment
The Right car seats,
Properly Installed
Up to 3 car seats
for children 5 – 120lbs
Schedule a car 2 hours
or 2 months in advance
Get a Price Estimate
Airport Transfers: Click HERE
Local Transportation:
Please download the app
Use ‘DOWNLOAD’ for $10 off your first ride:
Extra Details > Promo Code

Local Rides
-Traffic and round-trip tolls are NOT included in the Estimate; Press ‘Estimate’ to see Google Map’s assumptions.
-Estimates include taxes and fees and a discretionary 15% gratuity.
-Any surcharges are included and described in the Estimate.
***A $25 surcharge for trips starting or ending outside of NYC is NOT INCLUDED in the Estimate.
Extra stops (<10 minutes) are $5 each.

Airport Transfers
-Airport transfers are a fixed price between NYC and local airports and do not include round-trip tolls.
-No waiting time charge for airport arrivals.
-Inside Pickups are $15 + Parking. Please indicate ‘Inside Pickup’ in ‘Extra Details > Driver Instructions.’

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